(starred review)

Sean Rosen has an idea for a movie, one that he’s
certain is worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, he can’
t get it sold because he needs an agent or a manager.
Since nobody wants to represent a 13-year-old boy,
he moves to plan B: he invents Dan Welch to
represent him. When the vice president of an
entertainment company responds to Dan’s email about
his client, Sean must keep the myth alive while
struggling with the decision to accept the offer he
has received. In this hilarious debut novel, Baron gives
readers interesting insight into the creative process.
The ending, though a bit of a surprise, brings the
story to a logical and perfect conclusion, but one gets
the feeling that this may not be the last time readers
hear from Sean Rosen. Fans of Jeff Kinney’s “Wimpy
Kid” (Abrams) and Carl Hiaasen’s books will not be
disappointed.–Wayne R. Cherry, Jr., First Baptist
Academy Library, Houston, TX
I Represent Sean Rosen