Fans of Jeff Baron’s debut novel, I Represent Sean Rosen, will be
cheering the return of this witty hero who is continuing to use his
fictional manager, Dan Welch, to create a bidding war for his film
script, “A Week with Your Grandparents.” Although he’s only a
middle-schooler, Sean has big plans for himself and his screenplay.
Unwilling to relinquish the writing process to a professional, Sean
visits his grandmother in an attempt to finish the script himself.
There he finally learns the truth about his grandfather’s criminal
past which causes Sean to wonder about the wisdom of all the lies
he’s telling. When he returns home, he finds that the stakes have
risen. There are now three studios expressing real interest in
obtaining the film rights. What’s a 13-year-old to do? And how
long can he keep this from his parents? Amid juggling his personal
relationships, producing his podcasts and nearly electrocuting the
neighbor’s dog Sean embarks on the seventh grade wilderness trip
with his classmates. But when his parents make a surprise visit
with producer Hank Hollywood in tow, everything begins to
unravel. Enticingly, the ending, while fitting, opens the door to a
possible third entry in the series. Baron’s writing is witty,
engaging and fast-paced and is highly recommended for school and
public libraries, especially where Baron’s first novel is popular.
                                                         - Peggy Morgan