"Sean Rosen is not just a character in our seventh grade classroom, he is a
real person.  We talk about him, we laugh with him, and we dissect him.
Through his distinct personality and his podcasts, Sean is real to us in the
same way that Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen are real."
                                                - Cameron Brindise, English Teacher
"Sean Rosen embodies the skills we want to cultivate in our 21st century
learners. He's a tenacious, innovative, high tech communicator who also
happens to be sweet, funny and likeable. Working with Jeff Baron has been
wonderful for the students at Ardsley Middle School. Through example, Jeff has
taught them about the importance of research, integrity, and grit in writing."
                             - Edgar McIntosh, Principal, Ardsley Middle School  
"I Represent Sean Rosen is a great book. I admire Sean's ingenuity and
determination to achieve his goals. There's humor, clever problem
solving, and an all around entertaining story and characters. Jeff Baron
did a great presentation and the kids (and teachers!) LOVED it!"
- Beth Merrifield Vance, School Librarian, Stonegate Elementary
"We had an overwhelmingly positive response to your visit.  Your work has tons of
crossover appeal!  Your books provide great opportunities to teach trans-literacy
skills and motivate reluctant readers.  When Sean Rosen mentions his videos and
podcasts in the book, readers can actually visit the site to watch these multimedia
                 - Amy Jo Southworth, Suffolk School Library Media Association
"The students loved reading I Represent Sean Rosen, and then they especially
loved meeting Jeff and seeing him bring Sean to life through his multimedia
presentation.  What a great author visit!"
                                                           - Laurie Hornik, Fieldston Middle School
"The students at Stone Creek Elementary haven't stopped talking about Jeff
Baron's visit.  His unique, multi-media experience got our students excited about
reading."                                                              - Angie Jacobson, School Librarian
"Jeff captivates a seventh grade audience with his multimedia presentation,
which is no easy task. The program enhanced and enriched our writing program."
                                            - Colleen Talbot, Hammarskjold Middle School
"My students loved Jeff's use of digital and transmedia to tell Sean Rosen's story."
                                                         -Jessica Langbein, Clinton Middle School
"Jeff was fantastic at talking to the kids as if they were real people and real writers,
which they are, and engaging them in a way that they could really listen to and
hear.  He also made it a lot of fun, by talking about his own experiences as a writer,
and how they could use his writing tools in their schoolwork, even if it isn't a
creative writing assignment."                                - Leslie Cohen, Fifth Grade English