The Sean Rosen books were written for both kids and grownups, so they're fun to read together as a family.

Here are some family activities, games and things to talk about based on I REPRESENT SEAN ROSEN.  


1.  Did Sean make the right decision about the movie deal?

2.  Did you ever pretend to be someone else, on the internet, on the phone, or in person?

3.  What would you do if you were Stefanie V. President and you found out who Dan Welch really is?

4.  Did you ever have a teacher like Mademoiselle Fou who you thought wasn't treating you fairly?  What
did you do?

5.  If you had a virtual reality time machine like the one in A Week With Your Grandparents, who would you
want to go back in time to see, and what age would they be?

6.  Do you think Stefanie V. President knew that her company offered Sean too little money for his movie
idea (the first time)?


1.  Your Turn To Read - Read some of the book out loud to one another.  Take turns reading chapters.  
Make sure you practice your chapter out loud once before you do it, and take your time.  If your family has
more than one copy, don't follow along in the book when someone else is reading.  Pay attention and let
them tell you the story.

2.  The Family Donut Film Festival - Go to and watch all nine videos.  This
will only take 10 minutes.  Then go to a donut place (together or separately), and each person in the family
makes a video, using their phone or a camera or a tablet.  The video should be shorter than two minutes,
and it can be anything you want - an interview, a scripted scene, a song or just a series of pictures with
music or narration.  Then make popcorn, gather around a screen and have your Family Donut Film Festival,
showing your videos to the rest of your family for the first time.

3.  Who's Sean This Time? - Assign characters to members of your family and read some of these dialogue
scenes from the book out loud:  
- When Sean calls SIA, the big Hollywood talent agency.  (p.16)
- When Sean meets a producer at a restaurant. (p.52)
- Sean and his Grandma, Thorny Rosen, at the bar mitzvah  (p.91)
- When Sean pitches his movie idea to Stefanie, Brad and the staff  (p.169)
- When Sean tries to tell Buzz about Dan Welch  (p. 201)
- When Sean and his parents decide what movie to go see. (p. 218)
- The scene from Sean's screenplay of A Week With Your Grandparents  (p. 340)

If there are more characters than family members, you can play more than one part.  Remember, kids can
play grownups and grownups can play kids.

4.  Guess The Character Game - After everyone in the family has read the book, go back through the book
and make a list of every character who appears in the book.  Write each name on a little piece of paper, and
put all the pieces of paper in a bowl.  Then take turns picking one.  After you see the name of a character,
you have 30 seconds to tell the rest of the group what he or she looks like.  You're not allowed to give any
other information about the character.  At the end of the 30 seconds, the rest of the group guesses who you
were describing.  (This isn't as easy as it sounds, because there are no physical descriptions of any
characters in this book.)

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