Jeff Baron is an award-winning playwright,
screenwriter and novelist.  His plays have
been produced in 50 countries, he's written
for all four major TV networks and
Nickelodeon, and he is the author of the
HarperCollins Sean Rosen book series.
Over the past years, Jeff has shared his groundbreaking, entertaining multi-media programs
with thousands of elementary and middle school students across the U.S., teaching them
the principles of writing and digital storytelling,from a professional writer's point of view.
In Jeff Baron's Master Class, students get a creative writing assignment based on one of
Sean Rosen's video podcasts.  Jeff gives guidelines and practical tips for coming up with
an idea and writing an original one-page story.
Next, Jeff chooses randomly from the students' stories, and reads some of them out loud,
never identifying the author.  After each story, Jeff talks about what he likes about the story
and the characters.  Then he shares his questions about the story - what isn't clear or
doesn't quite make sense.  Then he gives specific advice for improving the story in the next
draft, highlighting the importance of re-writing.
Jeff Baron's Master Classes teach two important skills:
1.  The Basics of Good Storytelling
How to engage your audience and hold their interest from beginning to end,
whether you're writing for millions of TV viewers or just for your teacher.
2.  Critical thinking
Students hear the stories when Jeff does.  They can compare their own reactions to
what a professional writer thinks, then decide whether they agree.
"The best writing lesson for kids imaginable."
- Julie Just, former Children's Editor, New York Times Book Review
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