"Hilarious...The creativity shines through each chapter."
School Library Journal(starred review)  Book 1   Book 2
"Humorous... Witty... Engaging.
Readers will relish his bravado, wit and creativity."
Kirkus Reviews  Book 1   Book 2
"Baron shows the keen ear of a playwright, perfectly attuned to his character’s voice.
The reader enjoys every minute spent with this pint-sized creative genius."
Everyday E-Books  Book 1    Book 2
★ ★ ★ ★ "Smart... Funny... A good choice for tweens and teens."
★ ★ ★ ★ "The sequel to Jeff Baron's equally engaging I Represent Sean Rosen
shows how a savvy 13-year-old manages to swim with the sharks of Hollywood."
Common Sense Media  Book 1    Book 2
Seventh grader Sean has the smarts—and the nerve—to pitch
Hollywood a revolutionary idea in Jeff Baron’s entertaining debut."
Parade Magazine
"Sean Rosen is my hero!"
Lincoln Peirce, author -
Big Nate books
"It is very difficult to find funny books for boys, and this is amusing."
Young Adult Books Central
"By the end of this well-done novel, I loved Seany, as his parents call him.  
He is a sweet, smart, talented kid." -
Newark Star Ledger
"Sean Rosen is a fascinating character, determined, bold and original.  
Today's tech-savvy teens and tweens will enjoy his hilarious adventures."
Library Media Connection
"Enticingly, the ending, while fitting, opens the door to a possible third entry
in the series. Baron’s writing is witty, engaging and fast-paced and is highly
recommended for school and public libraries. -
Catholic Library World
"A well-written, funny, perfectly middle-grade novel, I Represent Sean Rosen is a
satisfying read that both boys and girls will enjoy." -
Association of Jewish Libraries