Sean Rosen is back.  After his first bid to sell his big idea
was unsuccessful, he and his fictional agent Dan Welch are
working to get his screenplay submitted to a major
production company.  Since his last attempt to sell the
project, some of the players in Hollywood have changed jobs
and are now engaged in a bidding war.  While all of this plays
out, Sean decides to take a trip to visit his grandmother in an
effort to finish writing the script for
A Week With Your
himself.  When he gets home, he finds the
stakes have been raised and really doesn't know whom to
trust.  To complicate matters, Sean has to juggle his
friendships and schoolwork and take care of the neighbor's
dog.  While he is away on his school camping trip, however,
the truth finally comes out and Sean's deceptions unravel.  
The protagonist's creativity shines through each chapter.  
When he discovers a family history of deception, though, it
really gives him an opportunity to rethink what he's doing
and the lies he's been telling.  
This is a fitting second installment to a delightful series,
and it leaves the story wide open for a third volume.
- Wayne R. Cherry, Jr., First Baptist Academy Libary,
Houston, TX
Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale